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Air Conditioning Installation Bloomington, MN

Air Conditioning Installation Bloomington, MN

The AC Buying Process

Whether you’re replacing an old central air system or installing a mini-split system in your new home, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Air conditioning is also one of the most expensive improvements you’re likely to make, so it pays to do your homework and choose wisely.

Airtech will give options for air conditioning systems based on home size, comfort needs & budget. We offer many Energy Star certified air conditioners by great brands with outstanding warranties!

When you’re ready to shop for an air conditioner call Airtech for a free estimate for air conditioning installation in Bloomington, MN with all of your options.


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Air Conditioning Installation Bloomington, MN

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AC Unit Sizing - Bloomington

AC Unit Sizing

How is the company determining the size of your AC unit? The wrong size will mean higher energy bills, a unit that breaks down more often and a unit that won’t last as long.  Get the right size at all costs!  Did you know that 80% of Bloomington homes have the wrong size unit installed in their home currently?  At Airtech, our air conditioning installation Bloomington certified technicians take dozens and dozens of measurements to determine the exact sized unit your home needs.  We do this every single time!

Your AC Unit’s Guarantees & Warranties - Bloomington

Your AC Unit’s Guarantees & Warranties

What written guarantees and warranties is the company installing your AC offering? Most companies have some fishy fine print that customers do not recognize, and this fine print limits the kinds of reassurances you need when purchasing a new unit.  But at Airtech, we actually have no fine print.  Transparency is everything.  And on top of that, we offer the best written guarantees and warranties for your new air conditioning unit in the entire state of Minnesota!  Our air conditioning installation Bloomington staff provides this because your new system deserves it.  The unit you are about to purchase costs thousands and thousands of dollars, and it deserves to be protected!

The AC Installation Itself - Bloomington

The AC Installation Itself

How precise and intricate does the company get when installing a new AC unit? Most companies take short cuts and reuse old materials to lower the upfront cost of the installation.  They do this to be the lowest price, and to blind you with the price tag. It is an unfortunate selling tactic that works more often than not.  When shopping around, really dig deep and figure out what’s included in the estimate.  And know this as well, if you choose our company, you are guaranteed the best possible install that unit can get.  Our air conditioning installation Bloomington certified company has been doing it for decades and they know what is needed to do it right the first time!

Airtech’s Customer Service - Bloomington

Airtech’s Customer Service

Many companies boast that they have great customer service, but our company actually lives it every single day.  Our Angie’s List awards and reviews speak to this.  This is our main focus.  We want you to be so satisfied that you tell your friends and family members.  We want you so satisfied that you will never choose another company for you heating and cooling needs ever again.  Now, we understand this will not happen every time, but more times than not, our customers are that satisfied.  We try and take care of you like we would our own family, because you deserve that kind of experience.  Everyone does. You have worked too long to be throwing money at a company that gives you sub-par service.  When you call our air conditioning installation Bloomington technicians out to your home, you will know that they are going to treat you right.  We promise you this.  Call our office and find out for yourself!

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Air Conditioning Installation Bloomington, MN

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