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Furnace Filter Burnsville

Furnace Filter Burnsville

How Often do I Need to Change my Furnace Filter

This question can be answered with another question, “How often is your furnace filter dirty?” The answer varies from home to home, it depends on many factors, first and foremost your specific furnace. What type of furnace filter Burnsville products does it use, is it older or newer, is it set up properly? Then it depends on your family and how you live, does your family have allergies or pets, is there smokers living at home? All of these things can play a part in your furnace filter Burnsville change out. What I like to recommend is you check your furnace filter every month, if it looks like it could be replaced change it, if it still looks clean let it go one more month and check it again. You will start to notice patterns when it needs to be changed, sometimes more often in the Burnsville summer months. On average a family home will change their furnace filter Burnsville products every 3 months and get an annual tune up every 12 months.

Your neighborhood HVAC company

We know how tough it can be to find a dependable HVAC company to count out and who’s work is above and beyond what you are paying for. Airtech has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere. From things as small as furnace filter Burnsville changes to installing a whole new system in your home Airtech would love to be your go to company when it comes to furnace needs. Give us a call today, even if it’s just a small question about your recently purchased furnace filter Burnsville products, you’ll be glad you did.

Furnace Filter Burnsville

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HVAC Technicians You’ll be Glad you Have

HVAC Technicians You’ll be Glad you Have

Have you had Burnsville HVAC technicians in your home that you were a little afraid to leave alone? You will never run into that problem with an Airtech furnace filter Burnsville technician. We hire our technicians based on their customer service not just their tech experience. Our technicians are the best at explaining furnace’s and have a personality that you don’t feel threatened by. They enjoy teaching homeowners how to care for their HVAC systems, something as small as questions like, “When should you change out your furnace filter Burnsville products”, they love answering all questions. Our technicians are not only certified but they receive training all year long to make sure they stay at the top of their game. From furnace filter Brunsville replacements all the way to complex installs they work on mastering their technique regularly.

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Furnace Filter Burnsville

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