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Premium Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

Twin Cities Premium Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

Airtech is known as the “Comfort Squad.” We provide gas furnace tune-up in the Twin Cities as well as, furnace repair and replacement. Airtech is ready to provide you with the finest heating service in town! Protect the reliability and efficiency of your heating system by scheduling a furnace tune-up today. We service all makes and models of gas and oil fired furnaces (including hybrid heating systems).

See what we do on a Twin Cities Premium Air Conditioner Rejuvenation:

  • disassemble and clean outside condensing unit
  • Clean evaporator coil if accessible
  • measure outdoor temperature
  • measure indoor WB temperature
  • measure super heat
  • measure unit subcool
  • tighten wire connections
  • test defrost timer operation
  • test reversing valve operation
  • check condition of coil fins
  • check for refrigerant leaks
  • O-ring Shrader caps installed
  • inspect low voltage wire connection
  • verify condensing unit is level
  • check line set is insulated to condensing unit
  • log compressor amps
  • measure condenser fan amps and condition
  • measure capacitor uF value both C and F
  • volt drop/inspect contactor
  • inspect condition of start assist device
  • verify condition of electrical disconnect
  • tighten lug nuts in disconnect and circuit breaker
  • verify proper wire size to unit
  • run air conditioner in all stages
  • show post operation of air conditioner
Premium Air Conditioner Rejuvenation
Premium Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

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