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Greg Dyson

Greg Dyson

Customer Review for Eagan Furnace Service

Review Regarding: Furnace Service
April 17, 2014 / Eagan
5 Star Rating
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Over a year ago, got the $40 special on Angie’s list and they came out to look at our 27 year old furnace which was making weird noises. Tech opened it up, cleaned up the burning chamber, made a quick adjustment to the blower motor/fan, checked for leaks, etc. Told us the old monster would die some day, but not at that point! I was pretty amazed that he did not try to sell me anything, did not try to exaggerate any problems, and honestly said that he would not replace it at that time because it still worked. Noise was gone, too! Fast forward one year to the current bitter cold wave.

Woke one morning to 42 degrees inside and kids refused to believe me that I was getting them ready for winter camping. Back to the Airtech guys. A different guy came out and went over the unit with me, made a case as to how much it would cost to patch it up again (and I believed him because I’ve been buying blower motors, capacitors and switches at Dey appliances for this beast for 10 years). Bit the bullet, (and put on another coat) and agreed to a new furnace. As we turned to go, he noticed water dripping from my gas water heater. Again, something I’d worked on myself for 10 years trying to prolong the inevitable replacement. Even to me, it was clear that seals had begun to leak and other problems (including the infamous dip tube class action settlement 10 years ago) spelled doom for another 27 year old appliance. Ordered the water heater. Thought I might as well replace the central air, too, which had been patched up and refreshed by 2 other companies over the past 14 years, but just could not cool the house anymore. The terrified children begged me to consider their college educations (or lack thereof) if we had to buy all these.

Package deal Airtech gave me was extremely fair, price-wise. I had the benefit of pre-planning: knew for years this was inevitable, had priced and compared. Airtech price was well within what I had been researching. Airtech came the next day and spent the whole day customizing problem areas and replacing the units. A/C will be later this spring. Within 3 hours of operation, our home – which had formerly had temperature differentials of up to 15 degrees between the upstairs and downstairs floors – was unbelievably and consistently warm from floor to floor without major gusts of hot air from the old blast furnace.

Like another commenter mentioned here, Air tech pointed out the the original unit was way overpowered for the size of the house, which now obviously had kept us too hot and too cold. Does not seam logical, but other companies told me same thing! Family is happy, house is more comfortable than when we moved in, 1999, and bank account is not ruined. Again, these guys are great. Honest, fair-priced, and obviously know what they are doing. We can’t wait for it to heat up enough to melt the snow and get the AC installed. Hire them! Looking at this review, I should ask them for a commission. I’m pretty picky, to say the least, so this is probably the most ringing endorsement I’ve made of any local contractor. Ever.

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